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I am putting up for sale most of my herd.  These are all my "keepers".  I'm selling due to bad back and retirement.  All of these have been bred for excellent mothering abilities, structural correctness, and ability to thrive on the ranch with little additional feed.  I wouldn't be selling these if I didn't have to, so give them a look and know that I can work on the prices if you buy 3 or more.
{ C46
A beautiful fullblood doe out of Rooiman's Red Buddy.  She is long bodied, structurally correct and a great mother.  She was a twin and was born 2-13-13  She was exposed to TAM Mr. See Spot Run for a March   2017 kidding. 
{ E44
A great looking purebred born 2-17-15.  Twin.  She is out of my show wether line and I have expectations of her producing excellent show wethers.  She was sired by Hart1 Cry Baby and her dam is my top wether producer.  If you are serious about show wethers take a look at E44.  She was exposed to my Gigantor for a March 2017 kidding. 
{ E33
A beauty and it's hard for me to let her go.  She is out of Hart1 Cry Baby, was born 2-15-15 and was a twin.  She was exposed to Soggy Bottom Spark Plug for a March 2017 kidding.  Spark Plug is a black and white paint, so I'm hoping for black spotted babies from her. 
{ E70
An elegant fullblood doe out of TAM Mr. See Spot Run and one of my favorite paint does.  She was born 3-5-15 and was a twin.  She was exposed to Gigantor so I wouldn't be surprised to see spots when she kids some time  in March 2017. 
{ F4
Another doe out of my top wether producing dam.  She is open but was sired by Hart1 Cry Baby so I would not be surprised if she could produce some spots if exposed to a spotted buck.  She is a twin and was born 2-27-16.  Purebred.  Asking $300
{ F42
A purebred bottle baby.  She was born on 3-14-16 as a twin, and sired by Hart1 Cry Baby so she has the potential to throw spots.  She is out of my milkiest line so she should have plenty of milk for future babies.  She is open.  Her mother got sick so I pulled her off and bottled her.  Very friendly. You can see the fuzzy cashmere she grew this winter is beginning to shed off due to the heat.  Asking $300
{ F13
A purebred sired by Gigantor so she has the potential to throw spots and color.  Born 3-1-16 and is one of triplets.  Structurally correct, nice long body, she should be as good a mother as her own mother and grandmother. 

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